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Forming the business

We looked at the no and low alcohol options that are currently on the market and felt that there was a gap for a great tasting alcohol replacement. People are tired of sugary soft drinks and poor alcohol options, so we used traditional methods to create something new - something with the character, quality and complexity that people want in a drink.  Our first product, CleanGin, needed to deliver that recognisable taste that G&T fans know and love.

Describing what we offer as ‘Clean’ felt like a positive way to market no and low alcohol options. It’s also really clear to communicate when you’re ordering a round of drinks at the bar too, which was really important to us.

General product questions

We’ve created a super-premium product that’s taken months of development to get just right. Whilst the exact process is a bit of a secret, we’ve had to distil 50% more of our key botanicals to get the cut-through we wanted. This is both expensive and laborious, but we believe that the flavour of CleanGin shows it’s worth all the hard work. There are of course cheaper alternatives out there, but we wanted to follow the same craft techniques as with full-strength gin – using the same stills and the same botanicals.

The short answer is no. At 1.2% ABV, it would require the average person to drink over two bottles before even recognising the impact of the alcohol.  To put this into perspective, CleanGin and CleanRum contain less alcohol than many types of bread (1.9% ABV) and only a small amount more than common grape juice 0.86%.

Our CleanGin/CleanRum recipe contains a very small amount of alcohol - 1.2% to be exact. To put that into perspective, your average bottle of gin contains around 37.5%. We really aren’t qualified to offer medical advice of any kind though, so if in doubt, we’d always recommend speaking to your doctor for a professional opinion.

CleanGin should only be drunk with a mixer, or in a CleanCocktail. You’ll find a selection of our favourite concoctions over here: If you scroll a bit further down, you can submit your very own recipe too. We’re always on the look-out for new ideas, so if you’ve got one worth sharing, do send it our way. 

In order to deliver that G&T taste that is so loved, keeping a little alcohol in the recipe really helped. This product is more for moderation than total abstinence. We’re very clear on the front of the bottle that this is ultra-low alcohol and that it only contains 1.2% alcohol. 0% liquids will be released for people who choose, for religious reasons or other to abstain. When we launch these products we will ensure that they are clearly labelled 0% and alcohol free.

CleanGin and CleanRum  contain only 4 calories per 50ml serve.

No, however, CleanGin/CleanRum is a premium distillate and so we’d suggest it’s not something that children should be encouraged to drink, for that reason we are restricting sales to people over 18.

Great to hear you’re interested in selling Clean Liquor. If you drop an email to, we’ll be in touch.

Because CleanGin/CleanRum isn’t a normal spirit, if left in the freezer the liquid will freeze and expand, causing the bottle to crack. You can keep your bottle nice and cool in the fridge, but it’s definitely not safe for freezing.


The base liquid for CleanRum is developed in the traditional methods used for classic Jamaican rums, but for CleanRum, we use our own bespoke method and unique recipe to achieve the golden, spiced spirit with just 1.2% of the alcohol.


We’re very fortunate to be working with Mark Gamble and his team at Union Distillers. They’re tremendous visionaries and welcome the toughest of challenges, so they were only too happy to work with us on developing a thrilling ultra-low alcohol gin and rum. A lot of time and expertise went into creating CleanGin, so we’re sure you’ll understand why we can’t share exactly how it’s made, but we can tell you that we use traditional methods with classic copper stills, and a blend of exciting gin botanicals. It’s also bottled less than 20 yards from where it is distilled, so it’s kept nice and local.

No. For a product to be classed as a gin, European law states that it must contain 37.5% alcohol and have a predominant flavour of juniper. Our belief is that we are opening up a new category, which allows people to enjoy properly distilled and expertly created drinks without the alcohol. We have the predominant juniper flavour but only 1.2% alcohol.

Our CleanGin is prepared by our master distiller in small copper pot gin stills, and when mixed traditionally, it has all of the crisp, botanical-driven taste of some of the world’s greatest gin cocktails.

We make our CleanGin by using: water, botanical distillate extracts, peppermint oil, ginger oil, citric acid and potassium sorbate.

It contains over 30 times less alcohol than your average gin, with no sugar or sweeteners.